Trances Arc

This Atlanta, GA quartet deliver a perfect amalgam of big rock hedonism and cunning arrangements, drenched in sweat, a compelling collection of persuasive rock songs which blur the line between the indie and pop rock worlds with its plaintive, yet bold vocals and infectious guitar interplay.

“With its twin guitar attack, [Trances Arc] recalls the glory
days of indie-rock then slips into a slithery T. Rex

— Brian Mansfield, USA TODAY

“Without sounding the least bit studied, Trances
Arc upholds early ’90s alternative rumble as the new classic rock. Nearly every
track comes as catchy and compelling as the one before, and the straightforward production suggests that they won’t falter when these rugged tunes hit the road.”

— Barry Walters, eMusic

This quartet out of Hotlanta seems to have absorbed most of the cool guitar work from the 60’s to the 90’s with none of the lame stuff, which adds up to a rocking, tuneful, toneful batch of songs… This album (XOXOX) is heavy on vibe, heavy on melody, and heavy on tone – a recipe for disaster if there ever was one. Nicely done.

–Matt Blackett, Guitar Player Magazine

“The music of Trances Arc is familiar and therein lies their
charm. It’s instantly memorable, marked by tight musicianship,
larger-than-life hooks and Eric Toledo’s stellar vocals.”

– Jonathan Sanders, News Editor at Stereo Subversion


Trances Arc is long time friends, singer Eric Toledo, drummer Brad Hagen, guitarist Michael Dorio and bassist Danny Silvestri. Signed with S1 Songs (NYC), the band teamed up with producer / engineer D.W. Prasse in 2008 to form Slush Fund. An independent label out of ATL/NYC (currently home to ATL/Athens favorites, Part Bear and The Judies) serving as an imprint for the band’s debut “XOXOX” and sophomore LP “TA”.

Trances Arc’s extensive catalogue has landed notable national exposure including their track “Champagne Wishes” featured on the Starbucks Hear Music international compilation, “Off the Clock.” Live performances have long been the bands forte, but the band would soon find its music translating equally well on film and over the airwaves with several song placements on ABC and Versus TV.

With pure muscle and hard work, regional and national touring in good company with the likes of The Whigs, Dead Confederate, Ponderosa, The Modern Skirts, and Autovaughn, the band has garnered much buzz worthy attention and a loyal regional fan base.

Headquartered in a renovated garage in Edgewood, Atlanta, the guys pound and craft sounds out of their own studio space where constant evolution and experimentation happens daily. Here, preproduction for the new up and coming record, “TA” unfolded under the direction of friend and idol, Dan Dixon, lead singer of Atlanta’s very own DropSonic.

Trances Arc’s up and coming “TA” promises an aggression that can truly be understood after witnessing its live show stammer, battered and beer soaked stage in its aftermath. With the intensity of a screaming animal born somewhere between the 60’s and early 90’s, “TA” growls out of the gates with the opening track “Steep Roof”. Hagen’s bombastic kick and head cracking snare pulses over the top, charging a wall of assaulting guitars with Toledo’s well timed vocals commanding the arsenal with a swoonish howl. Uping the ante, the band shifts into 70’s punk gear with the record’s single “Boom City” laced with ascending riff lines and a fist-pumping anthem fit for a bloodthirsty audience. “TA” doesn’t hesitate, rather quickly dims the lights momentarily for its raw yet stylish power ballad “Camera Gun Shy”, giving us a moment to take a breath before another onslaught of high-energy epics, “Black Lung” and the nostalgic “Our Wild Eyes”. Toledo’s voice is sincere, yet sinister evoking a young Michael Stipe and ghosts of Jeff Buckley while “TA” exits the room with the psychedelic closer, “Not So Tough”.

REM’s Document meets AC/DC’s Back in Black , “TA” unleashes friendly fire and a welcoming familiarity with urgency, attitude and confidence.

With plenty of tracks to choose from, the band decided to slim down the track numbers and release the B sides on a new EP called “Radians” (October 2009) as a teaser to the new full length “TA” featuring the lead track, “Boom City”. After successfully funding this record with donations from its very own fan base, “TA” is poised and ready for release. Tentatively scheduled for summer 2010.

AC/DC // REM // The Glands // Jeff Buckley // Queens of the Stone Age // Soundtrack of our Lives


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Kickstarter Campaign Goal Met
TA sucessfully launches Kickstarter campaign and secures funding from their own fan base for the release of “TA”.

Radians EP Digital Release
TA releases Radians EP in preparation for full length February 2010 release. EP features “Boom City” and deep cuts from thier new up and coming LP titled, “TA”

Track Listing (Now Playing):
1. Boom City
2. Moto Guzzi
3. Radians
4. Clay Pigeons

Whigs Spring Tour 09
TA scheduled to play spring tour with The Whigs and Dead Confederate. The Whigs, fresh off a string of dates with fellow booking mates, The Kings of Leon as well as spot dates with Band of Horses, goes on the road with long time friends, Trances Arc. Dates run through the month of March 2009.

Road Trip II
TA is cast and placed in soundtrack on the sequel to Paramount Pictures’ cult classic ROAD TRIP.

ABC Family TV: KYLE XY (episode 302)
“Birds Collide” featured in hit ABC show KYLE XY

ABC Family TV: KYLE XY (episode 304)
“Peace of Mind” featured in hit ABC show KYLE XY

ABC Family TV: KYLE XY (episode 307)
“Tell Me Where You’re Goin” featured in hit ABC show KYLE XY

ABC Family TV: GREEK (episode)
“Peace of Mind” featured in hit ABC show GREEK

Trances Arc lands summer 2008 campaign theme song for the Sports Programming Network

Big Hassle PR
Trances Arc signs with the New York based PR
firm helping garner more national/international attention.

XOXOX Tops eMusic charts:
After two weeks featured on’s new releases section, Trances Arc’s XOXOX tops October 07 eMusic charts.

S1 Songs America, Music Publishing: New York, NY
Trances Arc signs publishing deal with S1 Songs in December of 2006.

Starbucks Hear Music Competition: Seattle, WA
Champagne Wishes is featured on Hear Music compilation CD, released 4/3/07 and distributed to every store in North America hitting the billboard charts in the first few weeks.

XM Radio: Washington DC
Champagne Wishes reaches #1 on the XM radio’s unsigned, most played and most requested for 11 weeks straight.


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