The Judies

The Judies specialize in pop with a mid-tempo bounce.  Signed to Dave Prasse & Randy Sabiston’s Slush Fund Recordings label, their eponymous release already has some declaring it the best indie record ever produced in the ATL.


Warren Ullom – Vox, Keys, Guitar.
Mike Sprinkel – Bass.
Dave Miksch – Drums.
Matthew Smith – Guitar, backing vocals.


Label Info: Slush Fund
{e} info (at)
{p} 404.627.1166

Press: Malissa Sole
malissa (at)

Booking: Sean McPherson
seanmcphrsn (at)

Management: Kahle Davis
kahledavis (at)

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“It’s pop music the way it’s meant to be: sing-along choruses, timely hooks and theatrical, intelligent instrumentation that is one part whimsical and one part smart structure.”

– Jonathan Baker, The Atlantan, December 2009


“If you’ve never seen the Judies, go rent Velvet Goldmine. Like lead character Curt Wild’s demeanor in that movie, the three-piece constantly strives for reinvention, always managing to outdo itself with each performance.”

– Leah Baker, Creative Loafing


“The unique flavor of The Judies starts with Ullom’s unlimited guitar technique; he writes jazz, classical and rock riffs, usually smearing genres together, and the songs blossom from there. Being such a proficient player, he has puzzled some listeners with his recent choice to perform without a guitar. For Ullom, however, the six string is a hindrance to his on-stage persona and vocal delivery. ‘I might be a damn good driver, but if I’ve got a limo, I’m not going to drive it,’ he reasons.”

– William Cane,


“With a recent change in line-up, the Judies are taking the city like a category 5 hurricane with the fury of raw rock that defies the boundaries of normalcy.”

– Confessions Of A Music Addict



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