The Empties

Voted by the readers of Flagpole Magazine as the Athens Up & Coming Artist of 2006. Finalist for Band of the Year in 2007.  Regional hit song Oh My God was selected as Track 1 on the 2006 Atlantis Music Festival Compilation CD.


Matt Knutson: Guitar, Vocals
Ben Wills: Bass, Vocals
Ben Keller: Drums
Chris Giddens: Guitar

The Dorothy EP
The Empties {S/T}


Label Info: Slush Fund
{e} info (at)
{p} 404.627.1166

Press: Malissa Sole
malissa (at)
Booking: ben (at)

Basic Requirements:
Two VOX AC30’s, Ampeg SVT rig, 3 vocal mics at front of stage, 3 monitors at front of stage, 1 backline monitor for drummer.

The Empties on the InterWeb:
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The Empties Release Self Title LP

  1. Oh My God
  2. Thanks A Lot
  3. Fame
  4. Acoustic Melody Maker
  5. Toad
  6. Don’t Be A Bad Child
  7. Flood Rises
  8. Somethings Wrong
  9. Junkie
  10. I’m Not Like You
  11. Reflect A Star
  12. Dig

Pop Headwound Review

Just today I received a very pleasant surprise in the mail – the new self-titled album from Atlanta’s The Empties (showing up just when I thought all the “simple but still cool” band names were gone). Unlike most of the unsolicited promo CDs I get, I didn’t find myself rolling down the window to toss it out halfway through the first song. Quite the contrary – I was immediately caught up in the angular guitar rock, distorted vocals, and chugging rhythm of “Oh My God”. The rest of the album lived up to the promise of that opening cut – “Thanks Alot”, “Acoustic Melody Maker”, and “Something’s Wrong” in particular add a stronger sense of pop song craft to “Oh My God”’s edge. And then there’s “Flood Rises”, a short and sweet little acoustic shuffle that proves the band can do quiet just as well as loud. Overall, The Empties are a promising young band that remind me of Spoon circa Telephono/A Series Of Sneaks, albums that were very good/great in their own right but acted as a launching point for much bigger and better things to come.

– Pop Headwound


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